Friday, 04 January 2008

What is YOUR God like...

Not that I suddenly believe in a different God than the Christian one!

BUT, I read an interesting book by Unity Rev Sharon Connors that asked the reader questions that boils down to:

-Is your God a match for, and even bigger than your problems?
-Are you afraid of God in any way?

(From Adventures in Prayer)

And they are important questions. If you can't trust God, or don't believe He is powerful enough to help you in your situation, then why pray? Why believe He is God at all?

And yet I know I have harboured thoughts like, God could help me (He is almighty after all), but maybe it's not His will to help me.

Does that sound like a God you can trust? Not really, huh?

So it's important to start investigating what you believe about God, and compare it to who the Bible says He is.

There it mentions that God is love, God is good, God has good plans for our lives, God loves us, etc.

So, what is YOUR God like?

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