Friday, 04 January 2008

Do YOU pray?

Seems like a silly question to ask a fellow Christian, but I've found that we just don't make the time to really get alone with God and pray. Well, most of us anyway. (There are a few dedicated souls out there who are still single or who set aside specific time alone with God, and I salute you!)

I've found that being in the marriage I am in now, and with our lifestyle, that I rarely get time alone with God, just the two of us. And I'm not talking about praying in my car on the way to work, 'cause you just can't give all of your attention to praying when you have to concentrate on driving!

The only viable option would appear to be getting up earlier in the mornings to pray before I start getting ready for work. But, oooh, I've struggled with this for years and I still don't do it!!

So I'm repeating to myself:
I enjoy getting up earlier (06:30) to pray!
I find it easy getting up earlier to pray!

And? I am making (slow) progress. The last couple of mornings, different things have woken me up, but I still felt extremely tired so I didn't get up that half an hour/45 minutes ealier to pray.

But at least I'm waking up and thinking about getting out of bed. *Heehee*

One of my goals for 2008 is being closer to God and working with God to fulfill my goals for the year, so it's really important to me that I start having some "alone" prayer time.

Wish me luck, and if you have overcome this same issue, leave a comment, why don't you?

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