Wednesday, 23 January 2008

So why DON'T we pray?

Actually, we do pray. I know that.

But many times we don't really pray much and certainly don't enjoy it.


Maybe because prayer can feel like hard work. But it's only talking to God actually. There's a reason it's starts feeling like hard work: there's no real two-way communication taking place.

So we tell ourselves we don't have time to pray, when what we really mean is:
I don't know what to say

I mean, we want to enjoy our talks with God, don't we? Not just give Him a list of all our needs and not even be sure if He's listening.

Two-way communication takes time. It means getting to know who God is and that you can trust Him.

It also means focusing your mind on Him. And maybe putting away that list for a little while.

Just before you start praying, take a few deep breaths and just start thinking about God. Just think a little bit about who He is: loving, kind, allmighty, always with you.

Now, out of that calmer state of mind, say hello to God and tell Him what's really on your mind.

Then listen...He might give you feelings of comfort, or a song might pop into your mind, or a verse from the Bible.

Maybe nothing happens and that's okay too

End your prayer by thinking about who God is again. Remind yourself of His good qualities. Maybe praise Him a little for them.

Then endyour time together...


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