Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hear from God lately? (Part 2)

A vision filled healing

A few days ago I posted about hearing from God ("Heard from God lately?")

I would like to share one such mystical moment I shared with God recently.

One recent Wednesday I got out of bed with a headache - probably due to sinusitis/being very tired/both - and the headache persisted throughout the day at work.  Just before someone started praying for me in a Christian chat room I visit from time to time, I got quiet before the Lord and I saw this vision of a pole being pulled loose by thin golden shoe laces. As it got loose it clonked me on the head.  The fact that it hit my head assured me that it was related to my headache.  And the fact that pole was pulled loose/free assured me that whatever was causing the headache was being healed.  I truly believe it had to do with some kind of stronghold from the enemy in my life.  I never did get more info on what the cause was BUT the headache immediately subsided and the one or two times the headache wanted to come back after that, I thought of that vision and thanked God for the victory and pretty soon the headache was just...gone.

Friday, 30 October 2009

"But I get hungry!" (fasting)

Isn't that what most of us say when the subject of fasting comes up? Or this one: "I just love food too much!".

I use both: "I love food" and "I get hungry".  So I am not a big fan of fasting (as in not eating), don't get me wrong.  Only.. it really works if you are seeking God and you do it with the right attitude.

So if it's the attitude that counts, why skip the food?  You know, there are the usual answers to that question - like it shows you are serious about your request, and every time you feel a hunger pang it reminds you to pray, etc.  But there's something, well, supernatural about it that can't be logically explained.  The right attitude combined with not eating for a certain period just draws you closer to God, helps you pray about serious prayer requests.

A while ago, God lead me to fast about a situation that had me really worried.  I deliberately fasted breakfast. By "deliberately" I mean I chose not to eat when I could have, and not that I just didn't have time to eat or usually don't eat at that time.  I prayed in the car on the way to work and silently prayed while at work until lunch time.

Wanna know what happened?

I had energy like you won't believe!  Yes, I felt the hunger pangs but they weren't overwhelming.  Where the week up until that day had been really busy and stressful I breezed through that particular day without feeling the pressure as usual.

Did God answer the issue I prayed about..eventually, yes. And maybe not exactly as I had hoped, but He's still on the job and God's timing is not our timing. But boy was I full of energy and not stressed from fasting and praying!  And I felt so joyful and close to God.

You see, that's another may end up fasting about one thing and get answers in totally different areas.   God is never, ever predictable.

So, if you earnestly seek God, ask Him to show you when and where you can fast. You'll be blessed!

**Note** Please do come comment here about your experience if you do decide to fast?  Thanks!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hear from God lately?

"Just how do you hear from God?" I'm sure we've all asked that question.  We hear people going around saying "God told me this" and "God showed me that" and "How to make the Vision come true" and most of us are left thinking, "Vision? What vision?"

God can give you visions though..or feelings...or words. God communicates. We just sometimes have a hard time hearing Him.

What really helps is to tune your radio to the right station first and you do that in various ways:

What works best for me is to be relaxed. Focussed yes, but relaxed. Seems like a paradox, but if you strain to hear something, you are not going to get anything.  It's not by your effort but by God's Spirit. So. just. reeeelax!

Get your mind clear too.  If something's bothering you, or you are struggling with forgiving someone, you need to give it to the Lord first because that's going to block your signal. 

So okay, you've cleared your mind (and your heart) out, you're relaxed... take a deep breath, close your eyes and just ask the Lord to speak to you.

Then just breathe - and notice what starts flashing through your mind, if you sense anything, if you hear anything in your mind.  And if you do, ask the Lord what it means.

Sometimes the meaning only becomes clear later on when you get a devotional email in your inbox and it says the same thing in more detail. Or you hear a song saying the same thing. Or maybe you know right away.

Maybe you hear/sense/see nothing this time.  Just keep going to Him in a relaxed manner and eventually you'll notice a message that keeps repeating in your life.  It's God speaking. 

Are you listening?

Monday, 26 October 2009

Let's dance

Every graceful move
I clumsily follow
because I want to dance with you, my Lord
It may be painful to watch from the outside,
my uncoordinated steps,
but I don't care - my heart is sold on You.
I'm just waiting for that moment
when the music starts to play
and you slide my hand in yours
and I hear You softly say
"Let's dance."

© 2009 Karin Kloppers