Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hear from God lately?

"Just how do you hear from God?" I'm sure we've all asked that question.  We hear people going around saying "God told me this" and "God showed me that" and "How to make the Vision come true" and most of us are left thinking, "Vision? What vision?"

God can give you visions though..or feelings...or words. God communicates. We just sometimes have a hard time hearing Him.

What really helps is to tune your radio to the right station first and you do that in various ways:

What works best for me is to be relaxed. Focussed yes, but relaxed. Seems like a paradox, but if you strain to hear something, you are not going to get anything.  It's not by your effort but by God's Spirit. So. just. reeeelax!

Get your mind clear too.  If something's bothering you, or you are struggling with forgiving someone, you need to give it to the Lord first because that's going to block your signal. 

So okay, you've cleared your mind (and your heart) out, you're relaxed... take a deep breath, close your eyes and just ask the Lord to speak to you.

Then just breathe - and notice what starts flashing through your mind, if you sense anything, if you hear anything in your mind.  And if you do, ask the Lord what it means.

Sometimes the meaning only becomes clear later on when you get a devotional email in your inbox and it says the same thing in more detail. Or you hear a song saying the same thing. Or maybe you know right away.

Maybe you hear/sense/see nothing this time.  Just keep going to Him in a relaxed manner and eventually you'll notice a message that keeps repeating in your life.  It's God speaking. 

Are you listening?

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