Friday, 30 October 2009

"But I get hungry!" (fasting)

Isn't that what most of us say when the subject of fasting comes up? Or this one: "I just love food too much!".

I use both: "I love food" and "I get hungry".  So I am not a big fan of fasting (as in not eating), don't get me wrong.  Only.. it really works if you are seeking God and you do it with the right attitude.

So if it's the attitude that counts, why skip the food?  You know, there are the usual answers to that question - like it shows you are serious about your request, and every time you feel a hunger pang it reminds you to pray, etc.  But there's something, well, supernatural about it that can't be logically explained.  The right attitude combined with not eating for a certain period just draws you closer to God, helps you pray about serious prayer requests.

A while ago, God lead me to fast about a situation that had me really worried.  I deliberately fasted breakfast. By "deliberately" I mean I chose not to eat when I could have, and not that I just didn't have time to eat or usually don't eat at that time.  I prayed in the car on the way to work and silently prayed while at work until lunch time.

Wanna know what happened?

I had energy like you won't believe!  Yes, I felt the hunger pangs but they weren't overwhelming.  Where the week up until that day had been really busy and stressful I breezed through that particular day without feeling the pressure as usual.

Did God answer the issue I prayed about..eventually, yes. And maybe not exactly as I had hoped, but He's still on the job and God's timing is not our timing. But boy was I full of energy and not stressed from fasting and praying!  And I felt so joyful and close to God.

You see, that's another may end up fasting about one thing and get answers in totally different areas.   God is never, ever predictable.

So, if you earnestly seek God, ask Him to show you when and where you can fast. You'll be blessed!

**Note** Please do come comment here about your experience if you do decide to fast?  Thanks!

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