Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hear from God lately? (Part 2)

A vision filled healing

A few days ago I posted about hearing from God ("Heard from God lately?")

I would like to share one such mystical moment I shared with God recently.

One recent Wednesday I got out of bed with a headache - probably due to sinusitis/being very tired/both - and the headache persisted throughout the day at work.  Just before someone started praying for me in a Christian chat room I visit from time to time, I got quiet before the Lord and I saw this vision of a pole being pulled loose by thin golden shoe laces. As it got loose it clonked me on the head.  The fact that it hit my head assured me that it was related to my headache.  And the fact that pole was pulled loose/free assured me that whatever was causing the headache was being healed.  I truly believe it had to do with some kind of stronghold from the enemy in my life.  I never did get more info on what the cause was BUT the headache immediately subsided and the one or two times the headache wanted to come back after that, I thought of that vision and thanked God for the victory and pretty soon the headache was just...gone.

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