Monday, 01 December 2008

Squash us like a bug?

Driving to work this morning, a gnat or something, got stuck in my car and kept on hurling itself against my windshield.

I thought about just squashing the irritating little bug, but then I opened my window a bit so it could fly out.

That got me thinking about the nature of God and the nature of man.  

In Job 37 it says, "We cannot imagine the power of the Almighty; but even though he is just and righteous, he does not destroy us."

God is so big, so powerful, so far beyond what we can imagine...  this HUGE PRESENCE ...that maybe we do appear like bugs to him!

Isaiah 40:22
God sits above the circle of the earth.The people below seem like grasshoppers to him!

Well, think about it.  In Job 35:6-7 it says:
If you sin, how does that affect God?
Even if you sin again and again,
what effect will it have on him?
If you are good, is this some great gift to him?
What could you possibly give him?

But He created us for His pleasure, and He is a God of love. In fact, God is love...

But even better than that, Jesus came to earth as a man so God really knows what it is to be human.  He understands us!  

We can't really say we understand God though, huh?

But we'll have all of eternity to spend with Him and get to know Him as He really is. Something to look forward to!

*Scripture quoted from the New Living Translation

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