Friday, 04 December 2009

Follow God's nudges

Trust God’s promptings, His inspiration!

My spouse has her own training company. Business died down after an ex business partner stole training right out from under her even though there was a service level agreement (contract) in place. That is one of the reasons he is an EX business partner. LOL! So she had to deal with the betrayal, and needed new work soon!

God’s been training me for years now to trust Him for our finances because of the fluctuations in income + work due to the nature of my spouse’s work.

So I started trusting Him for our specific needs in this instance and praying for new work opportunities.

I actually remember that right after we started finding out how sneaky the ex business partner really was, that God lead me to a verse in the Bible. That night I prayed for us asking Jesus to be my spouse’s business partner.

This is the verse I read - translated as follows in my New Living Translation Bible:
1 Corinthians 1:19
God will do this, for he is faithful to do what he says, and he has invited you into partnership with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

A little while later my spouse has an idea to call a contact she knows in a large hotel group. She supervised training for his daughter at one stage.

After staying on her case for a couple of days my spouse finally called – and he wanted to set up a meeting.

The reason I stayed on her case to make that call was because I felt that this was a divine connection God brought to her mind.

The meeting went very well but there was talk of the training only starting next year. Nothing confirmed or final yet. We needed income for the end of December!

This is where the goodness of God just overwhelms.

The person in the hotel group phoned my spouse to let her know he had referred one of their hotels for urgent training. They need it this year still! The hotel has already sent my spouse and email requesting a quote.


Remember, when God gives you a hunch, or an idea ---> follow through!!!


Karin said...

A reader commented on my post on Facebook with a question that I will answer here if other readers have a similar question..

"that indeed is a wondeful story. thanks for sharing- it sure is a story of encouragement, and hope.... and a reminder to listen closely and follow the nudges. may i ask you- would your partner have stuck with this idea if you hadn't kept at it? i often find it hard to determine what really is a nudge from Him and what I on the other hand would want to be His guidance and nudging... does that make sense? but thanks for sharing- i always love to read your thoughts! have a blessed day!"

Thank you, Ruth! It's hard to give a standard answer here because God's been building my trust and my personal relationship with Him for years now - so that sometimes I just "know that I know that I know" an idea is from Him. But good pointers would be feelings of joy & peace & hope that He gives you... praying about it. God will sometimes confirm it with a verse of scripture or an email or something. I don't think my partner recognised the idea immediately as God's guidance but because I've been learning trust and prayed for an answer.. I could recognise it faster. But you know, if you've prayed and your still not sure but the pros outweigh the cons..go ahead and just keep praying about the matter!

The Old Geezer said...