Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Cheap Joy

When we fall "in love" we are full of joy.

But when it comes to the best love relationship in the world, I don't think we value our Partner much. I'm talking about our relationship with God here.

We call Him the Lover of our souls, we tell about His gift of love, His grace, His death on the cross, His forgiveness... but somehow I don't think we value our relationship with God.

If we did, we'd be buzzing with joy and songs of thanksgiving.

We wouldn't be able to wait to spend some time with God.

We'd be dating!

How about we start finding our joy in our love relationship with God? Meditate on His total nature of LOVE. On how He forgives and forgets time and time again. How He wants to bless us and be good to us. How God is goodness itself. And how all of the above is PERSONAL. God wants to be your personal Friend and Partner. He thinks you are special because you are his child that He created. Do you think He is special?

And meditate means to really think deeply about it folks. Not just read about it and move on. Isn't that what we do when we fall in love? Make an effort to really get to know the object of our affection and bask in that person's love and approval of us? We positively glow because he/she loves us.

Get back to dating God!

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