Monday, 17 December 2007

Christ vs Santa

Christmas has lost a little of it's sparkle for me as I've grown older.

It used to be such a sacred holiday to me...the songs about Christ, the family time. It really is about celebrating Christ's birth for me. And yes, I also grew up with Santa and no, it didn't influence my Christian beliefs.

I'm not saying Santa is the anti-Christ, but as a Christian, what the heck does a fat old man, elves and reindeer have to do with celebrating the birth of Christ?

I know it's just my growing awareness about how the world celebrates Santa more than Christ (the world does not exist of all Chistians after all, and I respect that) that has made me a little disillussioned with Christmas. I thank my parents for the way they made Christmas such a special holiday for me, and I thank God for making me realise that Christmas isn't a biblical holiday. It's a very nice idea, but not something God instituted. He is honoured more by living a life of love and service, than by divisions about what Christmas means.

Reading about how Christmas was a pagan holiday that the Catholic church gave a Christian flavour, explains why Christ and Santa just don't want to mix for me. Two totally different celebrations got melded into an uneasy partnership.

Right now I don't know how I really feel about Christmas, except that I still love the songs that honour Christ in such a joyful way, I still love the family togetherness, giving gifts and that I would love to honour Christ by the way I live.

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