Thursday, 05 July 2007

Serving with joy!

A while back I posted on serving and how riled up I get when someone sits there and expects me to do everything.

Excerpt from my post in June:
But don't tell me it's easy to serve when you feel like you are doing everything while your spouse, kids or co-workers don't lend a helping hand. When it feels like you are running around 24/7 while they sit around and wait for you to do everything for them.

Me? Well, I rebel in a situation like the above. If you can do it yourself, and you are just too lazy to do it, don't expect ME to do it. Okay?!

I wanted to know what God expected of me in a situation like that and while reading about praising God for everything, I got my answer!

You see, I have an issue with "fairness". If I have to do all the household chores, that doesn't seem "fair" to me.

But the new perspective I have on praising God for everything, from reading Praise books by Merlin Carothers, has helped me with this issue.

He writes
If life is a series of ups and downs for you, you cannot say to others "Christ gives me the complete victory He promised." ... People do not listen very much to what any of us say ... They will want to observe His being the answer to all of your problems ... When people see your victory, they will want Jesus."

Victory here means being joyful in all circumstances while people without Jesus feel happy when things are going their way, but as soon as they don't, they feel angry or sad.

So how do we live a life of victory (joy) and set the example? By praising God even when we have to go wash the dishes, or pick up the towels. Really praising Him in ALL circumstances.

You may not right away feel very joyful or victorious when you start praising God for the things you dislike, but it will happen if you stick with it.

I am learning patience, joy, and to serve without grumbling about it. And I believe it will make a difference in my relationships. In fact, I feel it already has.


Charlene said...

Hi there Karin. It's true when you serve with joy others can feel it. in the end you will be happier and others around you will be happier. If you serve with joy it always comes back to you.

Karin said...

Hi Charlene

Wow, my first comment!
Thanks for taking the time to write something and confirming for me that our attitude is a choice and impacts all around us.