Friday, 29 June 2007

The question IS the answer

Most of us have heard about affirmations. You say something positive that you would like to be true over and over to train your mind to accept the new belief.

I am healthy

But all of us know that there's that other little voice inside our heads that says "that's not true, I still have the flu" every time we say the affirmation. Mixing a positive thought with a negative one pretty much cancels the postive thought.

But what if you said:

Why am I so healthy? What do I do to be so healthy?

Well, first of all, your mind assumes you are healthy. Secondly, it starts looking for the answer to your question. And you start finding solutions.

Next time, instead of beating yourself up because of negative things you believe about yourself like Why am I so disorganised ... why not ask yourself Why am I so organised? And see if your mind doesn't start coming up with ways for you to be organised!

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